This Web page is about sharing the thoughts, experiences and testimonies of how God has moved you to feel better about yourself or your circumstances.

This is not a place of judgment of what you have to say so please feel free to express yourself and your thoughts and comments.

Yes I am a Christian. However, I welcome all people of any faith to join me.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. hello my Women’s ministry is called “Ashes to Beauty” please check out my blog its called “Submission” its at this web page: crystallshae.wordpress.com your blog has helped me understand the scripture Isaiah 61:3 THANK YOU!!!! SO MUCH~

  2. Hi Amanda- Thank you for listening to the promptings of God. Your words touched my heart as I have been going through a transformation for many months. It is often a painful thing as God shapes us to become more like Jesus. One thing I knew I had to conquer was wine. One glass of wine a day is good for you…..a small bottle is not….no matter how I tried to make excuses. It becomes an idol when it seems impossible to stop. I asked God to give me a spiritual gift for my birthday….He did…he released me from the desire of drinking. Then, as I am a yard sale fanatic, I was drawn to a necklace and earrings with, you guessed it, dragonflies. I knew it was another spiritual gift. This is what led me to your site….searching for the meaning. When we look for miracles..when we expect miracles and God’s goodness…we find them. Seek and you will find…knock and the door will be open…..Thank you again….and many, many blessings……

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