The Eagle in the Chicken Yard

The story of the Eagle in the Chicken Yard is a favorite fable of mine. No matter how many times I read it or think about it, I am inspired to do something to go to the next level. I also have the desire to help my fellow eagles achieve their goals.

As the story goes, a farmer took an egg from an eagle’s nest and laid it under a hen to be hatched. This eagle realized something was wrong deep down inside, but all he knew was the life he was born into. The eagle would stare at the sky wanting to fly and even tried on numerous occasions. For some unknown reason the farmer clipped his wings to keep him down. The eagle never stopped looking up at the sky.

One day a storm brewed and the chickens scurried about in fear, but the eagle did not feel any fear. He simply watched the chickens and other barnyard animals run and hide from the storm. A big gust of wind came along while the eagle stood alone in the barnyard and the eagle, having noticed the farmer forgot to clip his wings, stretched his wings out. He looked up at the sky and saw another eagle.

The eagle that was raised as a chicken looked at the fearful chickens and looked at the eagle gracefully soaring in the sky. The eagle in the sky let out a mighty cry. The sound of the cry moved the eagle to flap his wings and with a big gust of wind, the eagle raised as a chicken flew high above the clouds and left the chicken yard never to return!

Writing this story makes me want to put on my running shoes, but its 20 degrees outside. So I will make a list of goals instead.

We live in a world that encourages chicken behavior. Not to take away from the chickens. They have a purpose too. But all too often an eagle with misplaced identity wonders around feeling insecure, lonely, and doubtful because he knows deep down inside him, he is something more. He does not look like a chicken, nor sound like a chicken. He just does not know who he is yet.

Why the farmer took the eagle from his natural habitat, no one knows for sure? The farmer’s malevolence seems common place in today’s society. We call them “haters.”  The farmer clipped the eagle’s wings wanting to keep him down, but as the scripture says, what was meant for harm, God used it for good. The clipped wings kept the eagle grounded until it was time for him to fly. And oh boy did he ever!

When the eagle flapped his wings and realized he could fly, nothing could stop him. He knew he had the power and the means to go to the next level. I am sure the chickens looked at one another and thought, if he can do it so can I. Feel free to imagine what they looked like trying to fly from the barnyard.

You are an eagle in the chicken yard.  You know people will want to hold you back, but they will not. You know you are better than your circumstances. You know your path is not the same as others. When you know you are an eagle your breakthrough is only the beginning of all God has in store of you.  But don’t look down at the chickens!

God is able to do much more than we ask or think through His power working in us. Ephesians 3:20


Published by

A. Mack

I have always had a passion for writing. I enjoy people sharing their stories with me. I come from a family of storytellers. It is both an honor and a blessing to create and share with others.

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